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Hi, I'm Lens Dibble.

(yes, like a camera lens or glasses lens)

     I am a writer, award-winning filmmaker, and recent BA graduate of New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Study. My personalized concentration was Queer & Trans Storytelling: Examination, Creation, and Effect which covered a wide variety of subjects such as media studies, film studies, gender & sexuality studies, creative writing, screenwriting, animation, and storyboarding.  

     I have always been interested in storytelling no matter the medium. Be it TV, Movies, Books, Music, Podcasts, Video Games, or any other media form used to weave tales, I'm hooked. This has in turn evolved to the creation of my own stories in a variety of mediums. I strive to tell new, thought-provoking stories through everything I create and help those around me to do so as well. I am particularly drawn to stories that create worlds outside of our own and how real-life experiences are reflected in them. My current favorite storytelling medium is the art of animation due to the endless possibilities of creation. I am also drawn to the art of production design and how environments can reflect the characters in them, similar to my interest in otherworldly stories. 

     When not writing or animating, I usually watch TV or movies, read graphic novels, or listen to podcasts, not only for enjoyment but also for inspiration for my work. Besides that, I enjoy crocheting, drawing, and playing with fashion/makeup. Additionally, I have recently taken up the ukulele although sadly I am not very good at it. 

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